To Ensure A Reliable
And Safe Towing

Regular cars, sedans, buses, big trucks, and other commercial vehicles can all be hauled by our
towing company since we have the tools and knowledge to do so. We take great care to make
sure that your car gets to its destination quickly and safely.

About Clear Choice Towing & Recovery

Clear Choice Towing & Recovery is a trusted name in the towing and recovery industry, dedicated to providing reliable and efficient services to our customers. With years of experience, we understand the importance of prompt assistance when you’re stranded on the road or facing vehicle issues. Our team is highly trained and equipped to handle various towing and recovery situations, ensuring the safety of your vehicle throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, or towing services, you can rely on Clear Choice Towing & Recovery to deliver top-notch service with a focus on efficiency and safety.

Our Services

Light-Duty Towing Service

You may rely on us day or night to transfer smaller vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs because our light-duty services are always accessible. Give us a call.

Towing Service

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional medium-duty towing service to every customer. Our team is committed to getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

Towing Service

If you need heavy-duty towing services, Clear Choice Towing & Recovery can handle the job safely, competently, and quickly. You can rely on our friendly and experienced crew to show up in 30 minutes or less when you call us for heavy-duty.

Gas Delivery

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality gas to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our gas delivery services and how we can meet your gas needs.


Being able to assist you with a jumpstart makes us delighted. So contact us anytime you require it, for we are open around-the-clock.

Car Locksmiths

If your keys are lost or misplaced, our skilled technician will be able to provide you with the corresponding lockout service to ensure the situation is solved.


When you call us for tire-changing service, your safety is our number one priority. We’ll respond to the problem as quickly as possible with emergency vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck while driving.


Four elements are taken into account when determining how much towing businesses charge. Distance to be towed, complexity of the operation, kind and size of the vehicle, and the time of day You can ensure you’re getting a fair bargain and better prepare yourself by knowing how they affect price.

Yes. The cost of car insurance can be expensive, but having this coverage will work to your advantage. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that if something does happen on the road, you’re fully protected and it won’t affect what’s left inside your vehicle!

Fighters might be expensive to hire. There’s a considerable probability that the tow truck will get damaged if you’ve been in an auto accident and your automobile has been damaged. The majority of the time, however, this is only a temporary situation because, unless in rare circumstances, people who cause collisions intentionally or unintentionally typically do not have insurance coverage.

Towing and hauling are two different things. With towing, you’re measuring how much weight can be pulled behind the vehicle on a trailer or flatbed truck while “hauling” is about loading something onto one’s pickup such as an ambulance with its bucket up high enough so it doesn’t hit traffic when driving down roads at speeds over 50 mph.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I have used them more than thrice, and they have never failed me! They are my go-to wrecker service!”
Alanna Savage
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Paul is the best driver they have. Many thanks to Clear Choice Towing & Recovery for going out at 2 a.m. to assist me and my wife.”
Kylie Andersen
Flower arranger
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I have used Clear Choice Towing & Recovery three or four times and have always had good service.”
Keisha Rubio
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Clear Choice Towing & Recovery is a great company that is prompt and provides a fair price for their service.”
Mckenzie Burns

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You are completely insured by Clear Choice Towing & Recovery! No matter how big or hefty your car is, we can haul it. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the price because we offer the most reasonable towing service in town.

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